edges in wood

The joining system with wooden laminae is easy and fast, ensures stability with minimum weakening of the panels.

Guaranteed quality thanks to precision, the optimal distribution of the glue and the constant form.

The precision of the interlocking is already demonstrated in the first stage of assembly when the blades are inserted perfectly in the groove, but not protrude by turning the piece.

Advantages of wooden plates

  • 3 different sizes
  • Zones with differentiated thickness for maximum precision interlocking
  • Knurled surface for an optimal distribution of the glue and resistant joint.
  • Rounded edges for easy insertion
  • Cross fiber to high breaking strength

Advantages of the joining of the laminae system

  • Only a power tool for all splices
  • Modifica rapida della grandezza della lamina mediante il regolatore di profondità
  • The lateral displacement tolerance guarantees fast work without positioning supports and jokes
  • Milling with a milling disc for always parallel grooves and accurate even in the presence of knots.


  • The extremely efficient joint system, easy and accurate for panels
  • The thin pieces of 8 or 10 mm can be connected at any angle.