shapes in wood

Nastrispine produces and sells wooden profiles in standard or customized sizes according to customer’s requirements.

The woods used to make the profiles are mainly ayous, toulipier, beech and koto that are best suited to the carving work for fiber quality. But on specific customer request Nastrispine also makes profiles using other types of wood.

Wooden profiles produced by Nastrispine are derived from flat section rods machined by special machines that use circular blades, called “knives”, that affect the shaft surface by creating contoured profiles. This procedure allows you to obtain shaped wooden section rods for the most varied sectors and use it at various lengths.

shapes in wood

Nastrispine profiled rods have smooth and smooth finish profiles and are supplied crisp, without further surface treatments, to allow maximum customization in relation to uses.

The contoured profiles can thus be varnished, lacquered or left to the natural, and can be used in carpentry, in furniture production or in door frames, for the production of frames, mirrors, or other objects of decoration and decoration.

Among the different uses of shaped profiles there is also that for packaging: they can in fact be used as strips or strips for packaging.

They can also be used as slats, planks, wood worked for construction, jambs and architraves.

We use the bespoke flaying technique for the creation of profiles and shapes in various shapes and sizes, based on drawings and samples.

It is also possible to create large shapes especially in the essences of lime and ash for slices of solid wood obtained from the section of the trunk.

Possible uses and types of wooden profiles

  • Shaped wooden profiles
  • Wood profiles for doors
  • Wood profiles for doors
  • Wood profiles for doors
  • paraphernalia
  • Frames
  • Wood profiles for ceilings
  • Wood profiles for ceilings
  • Wooden slats
  • Wooden squares

Wood curves and wood pipes

Nastrispine also produces wood curves R 34 and wood tubes of 40mm diameter


quarter-round profile
Round section profile radius 85
Half round profile
Elongated pyramid profile
Shaped profile
Square section profile
Flat profile with rounded edges
Extended rounded profile wire cover
Wall cover
Rectangle shape
Curved door stop
Silhouette with handle arch
Concave v-shaped profile
Flat profile with rounded edges
Polygonal section profile
Half round section profile
U-shaped concave profile
Asymmetrical profile with interlocking section
Rounded level profile
Convex profile with T-slot
Polygonal section profile
Symmetrical profile with interlocking section
Quarter-round glazing bead profile