• wooden plug
What is a wooden plug
The plug is a hard wood cylinder, normally beech, of 6-8-10 or more millimeters of from 20 to 60 millimeters in diameter and of variable length. The wooden pins are also commercially available under the form of bars of 1 meter length, from which are cut to the desired length.
The pinning is a very effective technique, usable with different types of wood, from solid to chipboard, which guarantees solid and invisible union between the different parts of a mobile. On the two pieces to be joined are practiced the holes where the plugs are inserted, making solid junction by gluing. Crucial in the process is the accuracy.
Nastrispine produces plugs for the assembly of furniture in 3 different types for cost and seal.


High-sealing plug with helix-shaped grooves, made of acacia / locust or on request Beech. The particular process, characterized by the presence of transverse notches, provides excellent resistance to traction. Suitable in all cases of high stress, is preferred, for example, in the construction of windows and doors.
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Plug for normal use with longitudinal grooves, made of beech and acacia / locust. Product reference type in the assembly of furniture, is preferable to the reduced cost.
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Fresun type of plug with circular milling on both ends. This processing ensures better seal during assembly: the glue forms a ring on milling that prevents loosening from the hole. Used with lengths greater than 50mm, it is used usually to combine particle board. It is preferred to the conventional pegs for most sealing, with a cost of slightly higher.
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